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Historical background:

The name of Kailong chemical Group was given after Xiangsha chemical factory (code name: 9615 factory) was reconstructed by local government. Now, it has changed from a local military industry enterprises to a persified enterprise group, and became one of the top ten Chinese Companies in this sector, whereas in Hubei province, Kailong is the biggest explosive materials production and sales enterprise.

Current situation:

The registered capital of Kailong chemical group is CNY 6,260 million, it was made up by state-owned shares, corporation shares and inpidual shares, account for 22.3%, 12.9% and 64.8%. The total assets are 10.36 billion, while the net asset is 5.99 million.

Besides, the company has three business pisions, four branch companies, nine holding companies and more than eight joint-stock companies. In the mean time, Kailong pays more attention on building up advanced technical support team; currently Kailong has 1500 staff totally whereas 400 of them are professional talent.

Main products:

The main product of Kailong has four series which are industry explosives, ammonium nitrate, nano calcium carbonate and paper plastic package. While, base on Chinese related policy, the annual production capacity of those four series is 91,000 tons, 260,000 tons, 13,000 tons, 2 million square meters (paper package) and 3,500 tons (plastic package).